01 June 2024


Photos and videos of Plumeria Home:  → Photo Album

Plumeria Home = Plumeria Bungalow + Khilek Pavilion
(2 bedrooms, 2½ bathrooms)
→ House Description

can be rented on a long-term basis
(1–3 years):

(1) Minimum rental commitment of 12 months:
14,800 Baht/month.
The rental rate includes ancillary rental costs
(e.g., tap water, Wi-Fi),
but electricity (mandatory) is charged extra.
Security deposit equals 1 month's rent.
If you pay the first six months' rent in advance,
the security deposit will be waived.

(2) Minimum rental commitment of 6 months:
rental conditions as above, but the rental price is
16,800 Baht/month.

Plumeria Home can be rented on a short-term basis
(less than 6 months, minimum rent 1 month):

(3) Rental commitment of 2–3 months:
19,500 Baht/month,
including ALL ancillary rental costs
(e.g., water, Wi-Fi, electricity), 
security deposit equals 1 month's rent
or is waived if the total rent is paid in advance.

Rental availability → BAAN SAMMI NATURE RETREAT

→ Location of Baan Sammi Nature Retreat.

Location of the buildings:
Plumeria Bungalow: Coordinates 18.83533, 99.10778.
Khilek Pavilion: Coordinates 18.83541, 99.10783.


UPDATE 29 MAY 2023:
From 1 March 2024, the price for offers (1) and (2) will increase by 500 Baht/month to 14,800 and 16,800 Baht/month respectively.